Ginward Ltd. began in 2012 as a boutique corporate finance and consultancy company focused on connecting investors with opportunities in Europe and Asia. We also help companies expand their businesses into these regions through an extensive range of services, ranging from finding the right partner to building a country-specific business strategy.

Building on the combined 40-years experience in international finance of its founders, Ginward is a straightforward, pragmatic and professional partner which can help you access the European and Asian markets.

Ginward is based in London and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom.


Business philosophy

Our business philosophy is to put clever entrepreneurs, or financial investors with a leading edge in their reference market, in touch with professional investors capable of transforming the scope of their project. We provide expertise in our markets, and pride ourselves in finding the right investor-borrower pairing, going beyond the cultural, linguistic differences and preconceptions which exist between the two regions.


Global markets made accessible

As the business playing field becomes increasingly global, we aim to help small and medium-sized companies move beyond their own domestic or regional markets. Depending on the project, this is achieved either through raising funds for debt or direct equity investment, or through identifying a partner in the other region with complementary needs and market reach.

We believe that the global financial markets should be accessible to all levels of entrepreneurship, not just the ones that appeal to the major banks.

Ginward will adapt its services to the scope and exact needs of your project and ambition.





Investment and Corporate finance

Ginward introduces investors to growth or expansionary stage companies and arranges financial transactions in the form of : 

-  Direct equity investment : whether majority or minority stake, Ginward works with both sides to ensure the best value for the transaction at hand. We also work with financial investors and assist them with secondary sales and investments. 

- Debt instruments : Ginward will arrange the right debt transaction for companies in line with targeted markets and investors.

Consultancy and Agency

Ginward takes on mandates as a business consultant, helping companies move into new markets in Europe or Asia. The main services it offers include:

  • Market analysis and business plan creation
  • Sourcing of investment opportunities
  • Sourcing of suitable business partners and distributors
  • Setting up and monitoring distribution agreement

Fundraising for specialised projects and funds

Fundraising in all its forms is a key part of Ginward's services. Whether for a fund targeting a specific industry or any form of structured financial project, we will work with you on the best way to present your business to the right investors.


In line with our business philosophy, we at Ginward believe that the best relationships are built with clarity in mind, together with a strong focus on ethics and sound business principles. Whatever the size of the project, we aim to optimise the time spent by all parties by ensuring that due care is taken at every step of the way.


Getting in touch

We are interested to hear about your projects for development or investment. Use any of the contacts on this site to drop us a line and we will be in touch.

Taking on a project

In the best interest of our clients and as a regulatory requirement, we conduct due diligence on all of our clients. This means that before we can agree to work with you, we will ask a number of questions about your business and background. Based on each individual project, we will work out with you the most appropriate service we can offer and define a suitable working mandate.

Please note that we will not take on a project unless we truly believe we can add value to you through our services.

The working mandate

This can take a number of forms (agency agreement, letter of engagement, distribution agreement,…), depending on the project in hand. Although our documentation is standardised, we do not try to fit your project around our templates, but make sure the mandate describes the service accurately.

Legal Documentation

The mandate for most projects involves the signing of two documents: a non-disclosure agreement to preserve the confidentiality of the discussions and the working mandate. Both documents are straightforward and usually do not exceed 10 pages.


The charging structure for our services depends on the nature of the mandate, as does the fee charged. We work on a retained basis and, if the project involves a specific transaction or investment, a success fee is payable upon successful completion of the transaction.