We help early growth stage companies raise capital for business expansion


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Ginward Ltd. began in 2012 as a boutique corporate finance and consultancy company focused on connecting investors with opportunities in Europe and Asia. We also help companies expand their businesses into these regions through an extensive range of services, ranging from finding the right partner to building a country-specific business strategy.

Building on the combined 45-years’ experience in international finance of its founders, Ginward is a straightforward, pragmatic and professional partner which can help you access the European and Asian markets.

Ginward is based in London & Singapore and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom.

Our Services


Investment & Corporate Finance

Ginward introduces investors to growth or expansionary stage companies and arranges financial transactions


Consultancy & Agency

Ginward takes on mandates as a business consultant, helping companies move into new markets in Europe or Asia


Fundraising for Projects & Funds

Ginward will work with you on the best way to present your business to the right investors.

“Chang Ho Fibre is at the forefront of textile innovation and when Ginward introduced OrganoClick’s fluorocarbon-free waterproofing process, it was a natural fit. Ginward’s facilitation got both parties communicating directly and efficiently, enabling us to agree swiftly on cooperation and industrial production. The result is fully ecological functional textiles, built on the strength of European research and Taiwanese efficiency.”

Mark Chen

Chang Ho Fibre Corp., Taipei

"We knew our business needed to expand with the support of Asian textile mills. Within a few months Ginward were able to identify Chang Ho Fibre as a suitable business partner and a collaboration was initiated within six months after first meeting them, enabling the industrial production of fabrics using our ground-breaking functional treatment, OrganoTex. Ginward delivered as promised."

Maarten Hellberg

CEO, OrganoClick AB, Stockholm